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Start to Finish - Whats our Process

  1. Upon accepting our quote, you will need to provide our office with a surveyed site plan of the property where the concrete pools to be constructed. The site plan should clearly show all boundaries and retaining walls, the existing or proposed dwelling and finished floor levels and ground levels. The site plan should be in scale of 1:100 or 1:200  
  2. A SPASA of WA contract will be prepared and posted out for you to read through and sign. The contract MUST be returned to our office with your deposit payment prior to construction commencing.  
  3. An application for a building license is prepared and submitted to your local shire office. Approval is usually granted between 2 – 4 weeks.  
  4. An application is also submitted to the Water Corporation to determine the location of the main sewer prior to excavation.  
  5. When approval of the building license has been granted and received by our office, an on-site inspection will be arranged with our construction manager. This inspection is to confirm dimensions & depths of the pool and to determine what site works, if any, will be required. This may include the necessity for the property to be surveyed and the pool to be pegged out, which will be an added cost. 
  6. After the contract and deposit payment are received and building license obtained, excavation will then be scheduled and the first stage of construction will commence, this being “form - steel – concrete”. The concrete shell is left to cure for 7 - 10 days. And you will be invoiced for the concrete shell (payment #1). 

At this stage you may need to consider the following items, not usually included in the pool contract, for installation or construction:  Temporary fencing of the concrete shell may be required .

  • Electrical power points for operation of the pump, filter and other equipment. 
  • Gas supply for future connection by licensed plumber (if required) 
  • Soak-wells for the filter backwash and water leveller over-flow (if required) 
  • Isolation fencing should be arranged and ordered if required 
  • Construction of water features, retaining walls and garden beds that may be incorporated with the pool design should be completed. 

  1. Pre plumbing and back filling around the concrete shell after the curing period will take place 
  2. You will need to select your tiles and pool coping. Tiling and coping is then scheduled and usually completed in 2 – 3 days, depending on availability of materials and area to be covered.
  3. When tiling and coping has been completed you will receive your next invoice for payment (payment # 2). 
  4. If you have taken the option of solar heating this will now be scheduled for installation. At this stage all paving, landscaping and the isolation fencing needs to be installed. The pool cannot be plastered if the fencing has not been put in place.
  5. The pool will now be scheduled for plastering, the final stage of construction. Our team will visit the site the day before to clean and check the site in preparation for plastering off.   
  6. Plastering of the swimming pools interior and plumbing of the pool equipment will be completed on the same day. A notice will be left on site stating what time to start filling the pool. Once the water has started it MUST NOT be stopped until water is covering at least ¾ of the waterline tile. Filling usually takes between 16 - 36hours depending on the size of the pool and water pressure in the area.
  7. When the pool has finished filling you will then be required to make contact with our pool technician to arrange a suitable time for hand-over of the pool. He will chemically balance the pool water and instruct you on the operation and maintenance of your pool and equipment.  
  8. A package with all the warranties for the pool equipment will be left on site in the equipment area. Your final invoice (payment #3) will be emailed to you. If at any time you have any queries or concerns after the completion of your pool, please do not hesitate to contact our office.  

Happy Swimming from the staff at Imperial Pools Perth